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Padang Bai Fishing Village
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Padang Bai Fishing Village

Padang Bai Fishing Village is the epitome of a tranquil travel destination that has stayed true to its cultural traditions over the years.

Padang Bai Fishing Village is located on the south-eastern side of the island, approximately 40kms from Kuta.

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The quaint village thrives on fishing and therefore tourists coming here for a meal will get the freshest seafood direct from the sea. It is therefore little wonder that most of the food vendors will offer meals that consist of rice (Bali’s staple food) and seafood.

Padang Bai Fishing Village also plays a critical role as far as transport systems are concerned. This is attributed to the fact that it presents a transit point for ferries travelling between the main island and Lombok.

Tour the local market like a Balinese and get fresh farm produce to prepare your meals if you are staying in a villa. Proceed to the three village temples (pura) on location at Padang Bai. These temples are the location of an array of traditional rituals, so it is fascinating to watch just how well Balinese have preserved their culture over the years.

Stay at the Padang Bai Beach Resort, or make your way to Beji Bay Resort for great accommodation. Padang Bai Fishing Village is a quiet yet idyllic destination whenever you are in Bali.

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