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Idul Fitri Festival
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Idul Fitri Festival

Idul Fitri Festival (also known as Lebaran) is a popular religious holiday in Bali. It is a unique holiday because its annual dates are determined by the Islamic Calendar.

Iduk Fitri marks the end of fasting in the holy month of Ramadan for Muslims across the world. The fasting which spans about 30 days, comes to an end following the sighting of the moon on the island. When the moon is sighted, Muslim religious leaders will make an announcement of the same so that all Muslims on the island break the fast at the same time.

Idul Fitri Festival (Lebaran) Dates 2018, Ramadan Celebration in Bali

After this announcement, mass prayer sessions are carried out at the mosques as well as in public spaces across the island. One of the most notable things that visitors will notice is the coming together of families for feasting, with the signature dish known as ‘ketupat’. Local Muslims will also visit each other in the spirit of togetherness.

In addition to this, Idul Fitri Festival is also marked with making donations to the less fortunate in society. These donations are locally known as ‘amal’. The festival is incomplete without asking for forgiveness from others for anytime that one may have erred.

Another fascinating thing that is characteristic of Idul Fitri festival is that typically, this is the time of the year when Muslims get new clothing. For this reason, many stores offer great deals during the month of Ramadan. Take advantage of these deals and get yourself great souvenirs from the beautiful island. You may also want to check out the restaurants for culinary specials offered on this special day.


13 June 2018 to 19 June 2018

Event Times

13-14 Jun: Lebaran Holiday
15-16 Jun: Hari Raya Idul Fitri
18-19 Jun: Lebaran Holiday


All over Bali


Ceremonies are conducted at mosques around the Island
Bali, Indonesia

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