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Pantai Serangan

Pantai Serangan

Serangan Beach is a dream destination for the visitor in search of a perfect Bali holiday.

Located near Kuta, just a few kilometres from the airport, Serangan Beach is a beautiful surfing destination which is centrally located.

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The beautiful beach is named after its location, Serangan Village. This form of naming the beaches is popular on the island, so you will come across many more beaches bearing similar names as the villages they are located in.

On arrival at this idyllic beach, you will be welcomed to a bridge that will allow you to cross over and explore the treasures located within. This bridge was constructed to aid access to the popular tourist attraction. Since it is a permanent bridge, most cars are allowed to pass through to the other side.

Serangan Beach is home to some of the best surfing spots on the entire island. The presence of huge powerful waves allows surfers plenty of opportunity to catch an awesome wave.

The stark difference between the calm of the shore water and the pounding waves at the shore break creates the perfect surf adventure. To enjoy this adventure, visitors have to head out to sea and the best way to do this is to hire a local boat to catch the best waves.

The beach’s proximity to other attractions such as Sanur Beach and Matahari Terbit makes it a delightful place in which to retreat. It is also laden with an array of water activities ideal for families. There is more than one reason to tour Serangan Beach, so make travel plans for this exciting destination.

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