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Paradiso Ubud

Paradiso Ubud

Paradiso Ubud is a movie theatre in Ubud and the first vegan, vegetarian, organic cinema in the world! Serving only non-GMO organic popcorn and other vegetarian snacks, this is truly a unique cinema experience.

Located in the heart of Ubud, the cinema shows some of the latest film offerings from the USA as well as local Indonesian films.

Paradiso Ubud Cinema & Movie Theatre Session Times & Ticket Price

The Cinema can seat up to 150 people and has a High Definition projector, 25-metre screen and 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound. There is comfortable seating for all guests with reclining lounges, plush couches and cushioned platforms.

For snacks, the cinema stocks a wide range of vegan foods including fresh juices, tofu lemon cheesecake, raw chocolate molten lava cake, and vegan ice-cream and sorbet. The cinema also serves coffee and vegetable snacks.

You will also find a sustainable fashion boutique and art gallery on site and most of the pieces are made right here in Bali. They also hold yoga classes and Zumba classes most mornings.

Films are generally shown in the afternoons and evenings, so check the current program for times.

Tickets only cost 50,000 IDR, but the money spent on tickets can be credited towards your food purchases. So if you spend 100,00 on two tickets, you can spend up to 100,000 on food and just cover the difference, if any.

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50,000 IDR for ticket
Money for ticket is credited towards food purchases

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