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Nyang-nyang Beach

Nyang-nyang Beach

Nyang-nyang Beach is a secluded beach that will not come to mind the first time you search for top beaches in Bali, yet it is a stunning travel destination.

In fact, when travellers talk about secret beaches in Bali, they often make reference to the likes of Nyang-nyang. This fact can be attributed primarily to the location of such beaches coupled with the means of transport.

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Typically, such locations remain hidden because their view is obscured and secondly because getting there is hard. This is not any different for Nyang-nyang beach. The dirt road that leads up to this picturesque setting consists of rough terrain and this necessitates visitors to get across by cars with four-wheel drive. What’s more, there are hundreds of cliff steps to descend before you set foot on the pristine sands, a physically taxing activity that keeps away quite a number of travellers.

If you would like, however, you can take the steep descent to the beach and simply marvel at the undefiled beauty of Nyang-nyang. On a good day, it is not unusual to find out you have this tropical paradise all to yourself.

The beach is deserted in the true sense of the word, so carry your own supplies including food, drinks, umbrellas and water gear depending on your choice water activity. You can go swimming to cool off or settle for a surfing adventure. The best time to go surfing is early morning when the winds are perfect.

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