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Munduk Waterfall
Image by: Jumilla [CC BY 2.0], via Flickr

Munduk Waterfall

Munduk Waterfall is located close to Buyan Lake in the northern part of Bali which is quiet and not often visited by large numbers of tourists.

The falls are located about 1km from Ngiring Ngawedang restaurant and the walk is easy to moderate but can be a little slippery.

Munduk Waterfall & Melanting Waterfall Bali, Swimming & Entrance Fee

The 15 metre high falls are easy to reach and the entrance fee is only 5,000 IDR. The falls are surrounded by lush forested areas and coffee plantations, making this a beautiful area to visit.

You are able to swim at the base of the falls, however, there are no shower facilities here. You can, however, use the toilets at the nearby restaurant if you need to change.

There is also another waterfall located nearby called Melanting Waterfall, which is a little higher than Munduk Waterfall. It is located just 1km away which can be reached by car, bike or on foot. The falls are only 500 metres from the carpark. These falls charge 5,000 entrance fee.

To get to Munduk Waterfall, head towards Bedugul and look for Munduk village. The falls are located not far from the main restaurant.

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