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Mount Kelatakan
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Mount Kelatakan

Mount Kelatakan is tucked away in Bali’s beautiful landscape, giving visitors an opportunity to embrace and explore the island’s charming countryside.

Some travellers come to Mount Kelataken to hike, so visitors should be aware that the hike is difficult and only suitable for experienced hikers.

Mount Kelatakan, West Bali National Park, Hiking & Trekking Tours

To get to Mt. Kelatakan, also known as Gunung Kelatakan, you would have to make your way to Sumber Kelompok before proceeding up the mountain which is about 700 metres high. From here, you need to make your way to Kelatakan village. This is a long distance and will take about 7 hours.

On arrival, visitors may opt to spend a night at the forest with prior permission from the park authority whose headquarters are in close proximity. Add to this the soothing sounds of the meandering streams and the whistling of the trees in the woods, and it is easy to see why spending a night here is a perfect way to precede Mount Kelatakan.

The beauty of the undisturbed nature in this part of Bali offers you a glimpse of life in Bali in years gone by. At the mountain, you can proceed to the microwave tower, an elevated region with stunning views of the surrounding area.

To experience this surreal trip and unearth the island’s remarkable diversity, it is advisable to make use of tour agents who offer packages for trekking and exploring Mount Kelatakan. Shopping before the trip could save you some cash, so make sure to take advantage of the deals that you can find online.

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