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Kuning Waterfall
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Kuning Waterfall

Kuning Waterfall is located at a hidden location known as Kuning Hamlet close to the southern region of Bangli and accessible through a pathway.

Located about 80 feet above the ground, the waters pour down over the high cliffs to collect in the pool at the bottom.

Kuning Waterfall Kuning Hamlet Swimming Location & Entrance Fee, Bali

The waterfall itself is amazing with clean and fresh water ideal for a swim. There are large rocks around where you can sit comfortably and just enjoy the scenery or sunbathe.

The descent to the waterfall can be very steep and slippery so make sure to wear sturdy shoes. The path takes you through the forest on a muddy pathway followed by steep stairs that do not have handrails. Therefore the walk to this waterfall may not be suitable for young children or the elderly.

While bathing or relaxing at the bottom of the waterfalls, visitors may be treated to the sight of grey monkeys as they emerge from the tropical jungle close to the Kuning Waterfall. This adds a rich experience to your trip and is one of the ways in which Bali benefits from ecotourism.

To get to the waterfalls from Bali’s capital city Denpasar, drive to Bangli using either the Stanger route or the Gianyar route. Once you arrive at the Bali Garden, you will find a junction. Take a turn to the right to the next junction where you will take another right turn. Follow the road to where it ends, close to a local settlement.

Dusun Kuning,
Desa Taman, Bali


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