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Klungkung Temple

Klungkung Temple was constructed in the 18th century and is a beautiful and serene location to enjoy an afternoon in Bali.

The gardens are welcoming and there is plenty of artwork to admire on the ceiling of the temples located here.

Klungkung Temple – Museum Entrance Fees & Dress Code, Bali

Within the grounds, the puputan memorial contains a series of dioramas and statues as well well as murals on the ceiling in the Kerta Gosa pavilion. The ceiling artwork is stunning and has been restored over time.

There is a museum on site where you can learn about the Dutch intervention in Bali in 1908 which was the final phase of Dutch colonial control over Bali. There was a Balinese revolt against the Dutch and the ruler of Bali was forced to flee here where he was subsequently killed.

On arrival, visitors are required to donate at the temple as part of entrance fees (usually between 10,000-20,000 IDR). Visitors must ensure that they wear a sarong to cover knees and ankles. Also, make sure that shoulders and midriffs are covered. If you do not have your own, you can hire one from the locals at the entrance.

Jl. Untung Surapati
Semarapura Tengah, Klungkung

Opening Hours
9am - 5pm

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