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Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach

Double Six Beach presents the best of both worlds on your Bali vacation. It is a relaxing getaway, yet is filled with exciting activities for you to enjoy.

Located in the western region of Bali, this peaceful paradise is laid-back during the day. It has a peaceful ambience to it and if you arrive early, you will be able to enjoy the scenery.

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The beach is less crowded in the early hours of the day, so it is the perfect time to get a relaxing massage as you listen to the sounds of the crashing waves in the background.

Plan to head out in the afternoon when you can take a refreshing cocktail on the beach after a delicious meal. Beer lovers will love the refreshing taste of Bintang, Bali’s signature beer. Sunbathing is also fairly popular, so grab your sunbed and relax or catch up on your reading.

An experience at this beach is incomplete without going surfing. Surfers love the beach’s waves during the high tide. The waters are perfect for beginners, so do not be afraid to try out surfing if you have never done so before. You could also go swimming in the crystal clear waters, or settle for a snorkelling adventure. For those who prefer beach games, indulge in a game of beach football. There are vendors around who can hire out equipment for you.

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