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Yoga Retreat

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Yoga Retreats in Bali are one of the most popular ways to enjoy the island with thousands of visitors coming to Bali each year to relax in a beautiful and serene setting.

There are plenty of retreats to choose from during your stay in Bali including those that specialise in Yoga, Pilates and meditation.

Best Yoga Retreats Bali, Cheap Surf Retreats in Ubud & Seminyak

Come to one of Bali’s Yoga Retreats where you can nestle away in a lush and relaxing atmosphere as you overlook the tranquil beaches or beautiful rice terraces.

The idea of a yoga retreat makes for an exciting holiday plan, whether you are looking for a way to stay fit, or are simply in search of a unique Bali experience altogether. There are many different packages to choose from.

Blooming Lotus Yoga in Ubud is perhaps the island’s most popular retreat program, thanks to the quality of services and the amazing experience at the centre. The centre offers packages, all of which contain yoga lessons on a daily basis, topical workshops as well as meditation sessions. There are experienced teachers on location to offer assistance, making it one of the most comprehensive yoga centres in Bali.

Yoga Barn is also worth checking out for those in search of a nice and quiet yoga retreat location. The centre is located in Ubud and offers daily classes with diverse topics. Yoga Barn has made arrangements for budget accommodation with a number of hotels close by, and also provides accommodation for the yoga enthusiast who does not mind rolling from bed right into the melting heart pose.

Oneworld retreat is also worth looking out for when scouting for Yoga Retreat Bali locations.

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