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Sea Walker
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Sea Walker

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If you have always wanted to scuba dive but don’t have a licence, try a Sea Walker during your next trip to Bali.

This amazing invention will allow you to walk along the sea floor without a cumbersome dive tank and see marine life with amazing clarity.

Underwater Sea Walker Bali Tour Prices & Discount Tickets

The best thing about a Sea Walker Tour is that it does not require any competence in diving; it is all about walking underwater with the guidance of professional staff. What’s more, you are fitted with safety gear that will make the experience both fun and entertaining.

For some visitors, the concept is relatively new, but it is assuring to know that this water activity is certified globally, and is carried out by professionals. To ensure that the tour goes on seamlessly, you are fitted with a helmet that is attached to an oxygen pipe from above. This way, you can breathe well without having a respirator in your mouth.

One of the best things about sea walker is that those with glasses or contact lenses can wear them under the water! With this magnificent invention, you don’t even get your hair wet!

So the next time you are in Bali, why not try this unique activity. Book a tour online today!

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